Things to do

Municipal Park located at Sastri Road, a stone’s throw away from Nisha Continental, is a well maintained park where you can relax and read a book or take the kids for some playtime. The local market of Kottayam chanda is a must visit for local purchases and other knick knacks. Also, it is the pulse of the local city. Stop by Khadi( Sastri Road, beside Nisha Continental)Gramadyog Bhavan for handmade souvenirs and khadi products. Lots of boat races with traditional snake boats are held in the months of July, August and September during Onam. Don’t miss the Thazhathangadi Boat Race.
Rent a houseboat for day cruise while you are in Kumarakom and don’t miss out the Toddy experience.
Food fest & Flower show Kottayam also has an annual food and flower show. These events are quite popular and are worth a visit, if you are in town when it happens on month of January or February.
There are numerous restaurants and cafes in Kottayam. Local food is extensively available and is generally quite good, as is South Indian vegetarian food. Anand, Ariyas, Vaishali, Karampinkala are a few restaurants that serve south Indian food.Some of the restaurants you can try for Non Kerala Food are Favourite, Wheels, Pizzamax, Chicking, KFC, Barbeque 12 to 12 and Barbeque Inn.
A large number of bakeries can be found in Kottayam. You can get freshly made bread and other snacks at these outlets. They are quiet popular and worth a visit. Stay wary of meat items if you don’t eat beef.